We develop Mobile, Web, VR/AR applications & Games

Innovative & scalable
customized technology

We develop customized software for mobile,

web and VR/AR applications and games using

the Agile Manifesto principles

Our work processes are collaborative and incorporate the customer from the outset. Together, we identify needs, define functionalities and set a schedule of items and deliverables. This, in turn, allows us to anticipate unforeseen setbacks and deal with any contingencies.





We conceptualize, design and develop complex online applications built around the user and focused on the specific needs of each client. We are specialists in the development of corporate applications for both internal and external use and aimed at team organization,process optimization and productivity enhancement.



mobile applications

We develop cross-platform mobile applications with complex functionalities. We strive to ensure optimal performance and to maximize compatibility with a wide range of devices.





With the development of an API, individual applications are unified and brought together so they can operate as a whole, thus overcoming potential compatibility issues. This simplifies processes such as purchasing,content publishing and information sharing.


VR/AR services


Virtual Reality

development services

The Nexhe team produces one of the best virtual content available possesses enough skills to produce applications that can be used as training, simulations, presentations and VR games. We do understand how to create a unique VR world that can be considered as the biggest challenge in a Virtual Reality production.

Nexhe specialists use the power of Unity and Vuforia to create a content that is both comfortable for the user and amazing. In addition, our experts are dedicated to creating astonishing user experiences. By handing your next VR project to the Program-Ace professional team you can be sure that the final result will be done within the budget and mindful of the project’s goals.